Up Close and Personal with Musician, Author and Philanthropist, Peter Buffett

I’ll start off this post by clarifying something.  Peter Buffet, the son of financier Warren Buffett, is NOT related to Jimmy Buffett.  :-)

I had the opportunity to chat with Peter, and what a great guy he is.  He is a composer and musician, and his music can be heard in such films as Oscar award winner “Dances With Wolves” and on the original MTV tags.  He has put out 15 albums over the years, mostly instrumental, but he has recently launched himself into the world of vocal music.

He has written a book called “Life Is What You Make It, Find Your Own Path To Fulfillment” where he discusses the paths he has taken and how he had to work for everything he does and has.  He is also touring with his music and book with his “Concert and Conversation with Peter Buffett” where the audience gets to participate and ask Peter questions about music, life and everything.

Besides being a composer, musician and author, Peter is also a philanthropist.  His foundation, No Vo (which is Latin for change, alter, invent) Foundation, empowers girls and women worldwide.  Really, does it get any better than that?

If you need a dose of “I can do it”, I strongly recommend listening to this insightful interview with Peter Buffett.

To listen to the mp3 of the interview, click the play button. 

You can learn more about Peter, his music, book and all he does at www.peterbuffett.com and his foundation at www.novofoundation.org

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  1. Sonja Joy says:

    Peter – Great job working with and helping the women of the world. Your interview was very enlightening.

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