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Dara is available for voice over work, to be a spokes-person for your company or product and to speak at your event. (click the links below to listen to Dara’s voice over demo and commercials)




Dara Blaker has been in music education for 20 years.  She specializes in teaching traditional skills in non-traditional ways, and to many non-traditional students.  She has her Bachelors of Music, NYU 1989 cum laude; Music Business and Technology.  She has developed music curriculum for students as well as for training teachers.  She is the owner of Colour Me Music, www.colourmemusic.com.  If you are a musician looking to start your own business, or a music teacher who has been laid off due to cutbacks, look for Dara’s seminars training musicians how to successfully run their own music education company.

contact Dara at djblaker@gmail.com

Here’s what people have to say:

‘A life changing experience cannot be properly explained in a few sentences.  Dara’s guidance helped to open new doors for me and she accomplished this with an interesting mix of knowledge, gentleness, thoroughness, and humor.  But above all, I really believed that she cared.  Thank you, Dara…’

Jerome G. Paduano
Gennaro Piano, Inc.; Long Island, NY


“Dara’s teaching method has helped me to become and maintain the status of a full time piano instructor for the last 12 years. Dara showed me how to create rapport with my students and how to continue to build strong relationships with those students and their families. As Dara says, “people don’t care about how much you know……they care about how much you care”. Dara showed me how to teach from using general ideas then moving to more specific ideas so that it creates a feeling of success in the student. She also showed me techniques for helping students change their ineffective learning patterns so they can achieve a feeling of success. Dara also showed me many great activities to use with young students to keep the lessons fun while they learn. Dara’s teaching method has helped me to keep a full time status of 35 plus students……even during this economic recession.
Thanks Dara!”

Denise Donahue
Private Piano Teacher, Long Island, New York
“You did a great job helping me – I not only taught piano, but also help students with flute & violin (I do not play violin!)

Some of my students’ parents have strong musical backgrounds – went to Julliard, got master from Julliard & played with San Francisco Symphony for 31 years, choral conductor… They were/are very happy with my teaching.  Their children & I have to give you much of the credit.  Dara, you are wonderful, marvelous…..”

Carol Gordon
Tuscon, AZ

“I have been working for eight years as a piano teacher and coach. I have 40+ students on ongoing basis, and consider myself very successful in this volatile business. Majority of my students keep on studying for minimum of four years, and a lot of them stop only when they go to college. Most of them are winners of outstanding and excellent rewards at NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) festivals.  I owe this success mostly to one person: Dara Blaker.

Dara is one of the most influential persons in my career as a piano teacher and coach.   She was my mentor when I started teaching. Dara generously helped me to get integrated into a unique program quickly and easily. She was very supportive and enthusiastic.  She was always there for me, and unselfishly devoted time and resources to help me successfully solve all the difficult tasks such as communicating with clients and students and adjusting my personality to fit best the interest of a particular student. She gave me plenty of ideas on how to stimulate student’s musical and personal growth, and gave me consistent and methodical explanation of what was expected of me as a teacher in this program. She helped me to resolve difficult situations as smoothly as it was possible.But her influence spread even beyond the work environment I was teaching in.  She still inspires me with her personality and experience as mentor. Thanks to her, I was able to very quickly advance and begin coaching others. She gave me valuable ideas on how to successfully coach staff with less experience. Also, I still refer to her knowledge and expertise on how to deal with difficult life  situations. Her enthusiasm and life energy is an ongoing inspiration for my own personal and professional progress.”

Kamelija Galijan Simovic
Piano teacher and Coach; Long Island, NY

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