What did you major in?

We are coming close to graduation time, especially for our college students.  It’s tough out there right now, especially for new graduates.

What did you major in?

Chances are you majored in a subject that you liked, hoping to get some sort of job upon graduation.  If you majored in the arts, such as music or fine arts, it’s a bit tougher out there.

I’ve been in the music industry for a long time, and the question I always pose to musicians is “did you study business”?  I think about all the graduates from top Universities  and  music schools who can’t find orchestral work and end up selling their most prized possession, their instruments, and taking any job just to pay the bills.

The business of art needs to be taught just as strongly as the art itself.

It doesn’t matter what you study, you need to understand the business end of whatever you do and learn how to create your own niche.  Violinist Andre Rieu comes to mind.  Not only is he a master musician and a fantastic entertainer, but he is also a brilliant business man.  He created his own performance style and venue and took it on the road.  He never has to worry about a job or an audition.  I recommend checking out his site http://www.andrerieu.com/  You could learn a lot.

So, as you get ready to graduate, think about what business you are in and how you can earn your own living doing it.  If you didn’t study business while in school, it’s not too late.  There are plenty of resources online and in bookstores.  You just need to read, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  A great place to start is right here, at Dara On Radio.  Give a listen to the interviews.  Many of the musicians, artists and entrepreneurs give great advice about the business of art, and the art of being in business.

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