What kind of “talker” are you?

What kind of “talker” are you?

Most of us have seen the hit tv show Seinfeld. Many times there were characters in an episode that had a particular and peculiar talking style. There was a close talker who invaded your personal space, a low talker who spoke barely above a whisper and a high talker who was a man that sounded like a woman.

I’m feeling a bit silly, so I’ve thought of a few of my own:

  • The interrupter
  • The loud talker
  • The grump
  • The downer
  • The motivator
  • The town crier
  • The fast talker
  • The slow talker
  • The patronizer
  • The “never looks in your direction” talker
  • The “get to the point already” talker
  • The humorist
  • The potty mouth
  • The human encyclopedia
  • The bore
  • The monotone talker
  • The car alarm
  • The narcissist
  • The complimentor

What kind of talker are you? What kinds of talkers do you know?

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One Response to “What kind of “talker” are you?”

  1. codadiva says:

    Ooh I think I am several!!! At times I am the interrupter, the loud talker, the grump, the motivator,the fast talker, the humorist, the potty mouth
    sometimes others might think I’m the bore, the narcissist and I try to be the complimentor

    Nice list!

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